About Us

About Us

  • Operating out of Horsham in the Wimmera region of Victoria, BugROff Pest Busters has become the leading, and largest provider of Pest Management in the Wimmera, Mallee, Ovens and Murray and Hume regions. We have also expanded into the Albury-Wodonga and surroundings areas. We are specialists in the detection, removal and prevention of spider and insects, termites, mice and cockroaches.
  • Through extensive training we have developed experience and knowledge in the treatment of General Pest and termite (White Ant) control. As every house is different so too is our approach to pest and termite control within your home. BugROff’s fully licenced pest technicians will inspect your home and then describe the methods best suited to your property, this is something BugROff pride themselves on.
  • Here at Bug R Off Pest Busters, we adhere to the Australia Standards and Code of Conduct, set out by the pest control industry and abide by the product manufacturing companies direction and guarantee on their products. We never cut corners, we never give up. Over time, we have witnessed many companies that have varying standards of service. But at the end of the day, nobody can match our customer service quality and dedication to the task at hand.
  • The fundamental glue that holds any relationship together….is trust
  • Choosing Bug R Off! Pest Busters ensures you are with a company that truly understands pest control and what it means to be trusted inside a person’s home. No other pest control company can boast such an extensive base to work from or have the expertise layered through so many residential service based divisions under one roof. So, when we say we know customer service we mean it literally. It’s just one of the many benefits of going with a company that is already trusted by so many people wanting quality service in pest control from local technicians who truly know their craft and is backed by a system that supports the team in your home.

Our Sniffer Dogs

Hold The AP-PAWS!


Sherlock joined the BugROff team in January 2017. Sherlock exceeds the training of any other termite detection dog and actively works off the lead inside and outside, whats more he works for the reward of playing fetch! Sherlock's incredible detection skills has allowed Bella and Buster to enter a well earned retirement.. 


Bella is now a family companion. Bella enjoys the indoor life and also going on adventures in the car.


Buster is also a family pet. Buster enjoys holidays with his new family at their holiday house by the beach.

Basic Info
  • Doing what's right is my guarantee against future misfortunes!
Bug R off’s technicians are the best in the business. All of the team strive to deliver professional, prompt and friendly service to give you the best pest control experience at all times. If at any time we fail to deliver to your expectations, here's what I'll do:

Send me an email to steve@bugroffpestbusters.com or post me a letter to P.O. Box 253, Horsham VIC 3402 outlining your concerns (include your name and invoice number). I will personally investigate the problem, find a workable solution and report back you to you. Isn't that a better solution than using a fly-by-nighter who you can never contact when there is a problem? I'm not saying we will get it right every time, but I am saying that you have my personal promise that we will do everything in our power to have you stay a loyal and satisfied client for many years to come.

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