What do we need to do before and after the treatment?

On the day of the treatment, you need to cover up fish tanks with newspaper, cover pet food and water bowls.

If there is any food exposed on the bench tops, it needs to be covered or stored away. Toothbrushes in the bathroom need to be stored away. Pillows can be placed under the doona cover or blankets.

If you need to wash your windows, please do so before the treatment. If you clean them afterwards, you may wash the product off.

If you have spider webs under your veranda or in your shed, please leave them there for a few more days.

If you forget to do any of these things, the pest controller will do it for you so don't worry too much.

Immediately AFTER the treatment, wipe down your food preparation areas and uncover your pet bowls, and fish tanks.

You DO NOT need to mop your floors or clean anything else down.

If you had spider webs, please leave them for up to 10 days AFTER the treatment because any creepy crawlies hat are hiding away will eventually come into contact with the product and die.