Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Steve Olver – Director, Senior Pest Technician 
Manager & Detection Dog Handler
Steve has continued to improve his position as senior pest technician over the years with his commitment to continued training. Steve is also highly qualified to identify any areas of concern that an unskilled eye would miss.

Steve has completed a variety of training courses to assist in the control of General Pests and Termite Treatments, and which pesticides and termiticides are user and pet friendly.

Steve has been licenced as a pest control operator in Victoria and South Australia for the last 8 years.

Andrew Poulton - Albury/Wodonga Franchisee, Licenced Pest Control Technician.
Being a family man with two kids and have spent most of his working life farming in Victoria and New South Wales as a family business, he sold his farming property and moved to North East Victoria in 2014 to pursue other interests and take advantage of such a beautiful part of the world. He loves being in the pest control business, as it allows him to meet many different people through out the area. He also enjoy helping people protect their assets and find some relief from damaging and annoying pests that make up part of our world. 

Sherlock, Buster, Bella and Jack
How many companies can say their employees work for Schmacko’s?

Buster & Bella joined the BugROff family in August 2010. Buster and Bella have now retired after an exceptional career in termite detection.

Jack joined the Bug R Off team in Albury/Wodonoga back in 2016 to join Andrew in helping fight termites in the region. He's a lovable beagle who enjoys his treats and rewards for a good days work.

Our newest addition Sherlock joined the BugROff team in January 2017. Sherlock exceeds the training of any other termite dog and actively works off the lead inside and outside, what’s more he works for the reward of playing fetch! Due to Sherlock incredible detection skills this allowed Buster and Bella to enter a well earned retirement.

Termite Detection Dogs have a keen sense of smell, better than most dogs. The scent that termites excrete is the odour our dogs are highly trained to pick up on. It is a mixture of a sugary substance and the pheromones that timber feeding termites excrete. Not all ‘detection’ dogs are true detection dogs. Our dogs work off a lead which strong and obvious behaviours when they have detected termites, there is no guessing and they remain in a particular stance until they are rewarded in a specific way.
Our dogs are trained daily to keep them accurate and on scent. Various apparatuses and environments are used in their training that may be found out on the job. This maintains that they are at their highest quality and effectiveness at finding termites

Other field workers: 
Paul Jones – Licenced Pest Control Technician for Horsham

Head Office:
Greg Hancock – Bookings Officer
Maria Fidge – Accounts/Bookkeeper
Rebekah Pfeiffer – Manager Directors PA
      - Franchising Contact Officer
Adrian Galvin – Part Owner
       - Franchise Business Development coordinator

Others involved:
Geoff McDonnell - Business Essentials

About Steve Austin

Steve Austin Canine Training is a specialist business providing handling and training services for canine detection, canine conservation, canine and handler training, education seminars and courses.
Range of services include but not limited to:

• Conservation detection for preservation of wildlife with the use of a canine
• Feral animal detection and management with the use of canine
• Pest control with the use of canine
• Quarantine and Customs canine consultancy and training for canines and handlers
• Drugs / Narcotics canine consultancy and training for canines and handlers
• Explosives canine consultancy and training for canines and handlers

Steve is regularly called upon by several agencies around the world including:

• Tasmania Quarantine
• Australian Government Departments
• New Caledonia Quarantine
• Australian Army
• NSW Corrective Services
• Local Government
• Czech Republic
• The LAPD
• The Armed Forces
• World Wildlife Fund
• Cheetah Conservation Fund

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