Mice Control

Are you too scared to walk around your house barefoot in case you step on something that moves? Or have you left food unattended in the kitchen only to come back and find it has been chewed on?

Mice are experts at squeezing through the tiniest of gaps! Bugroff are the experts at Mice Control and know how to remove mice and block their entry into your home.

Mouse or mice? No problem!

Whether it's a commercial premise or your kitchen at home, Bug R Off! have a solution to your mouse problem. As pet lovers ourselves, the bait we use is not lethal if pets consume bait affected mice. One feed to a mouse is LETHAL, therefore fast eradication is assured.

For every ONE mouse you see, there are another 40 that you don't see!

  • Unlike rats, mice are not neophobic. This means mice will eat baits straight away whereas rats will identify something new in their environment and will not go near it for months.
  • It only takes 6 weeks for a mouse to start having babies, and having 6-10 litters per year, 5-6 babies in each litter.
  • Surprisingly, the average life for a mouse is 1 year
  • They will travel only 3 - 10 meters from their nest
  • Mice spread disease through bite wounds and by contaminating food and water with their waste products.
  • Mice can also spread disease thanks to parasites, such as ticks, fleas and mites.
  • Mice will nurse babies that are not their own
  • Contrary to popular belief, mice are actually quite clean, they organise their homes into nest, food and bathroom areas
  • Mice can see every colour except red



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