Our Team

Steven Olver – Director, Senior Pest Controler

Manager & Detection Dog Handler

Termite Inspection Sniffer DogsIn the past 12 months, Steven has continued to improve his position as senior pest control operator. Steve continues to do in-depth training so that the skilled eye can identify any areas of concern.

Steve has completed a variety of training courses to assist in the control of General Pests and Termite Treatment, and which chemicals are user and Pet-friendly.

Steve has been licenced as a pest control operator in Victoria and South Australia for the past 8 years.



Buster & Bella and our newest Beagle (yet to be named) in Albury / Wodonga

How many companies can say their employees work for Schmacko's?  

Buster & Bella joined the Bug R Off! family in August 2010. The people of the Wimmera helped to name Bella with a competition run over a three weeks prior to her arriving in Horsham.

Termite Detection dogs have a keen sense of smell, better than most dogs. The scent that termites excrete is the odour that Buster & Bella pick up on. It is a mixture of a sugary substance and the pheromones that timber feeding termites excrete.

Buster and Bella need to be trained each and every day. On weekends, Buster and Bella are put through a serious of tests in Steve’s family home. The termite detection dogs are required to seek out the termites that are hidden around the house and are subject to the same obstacles that they would encounter in most people’s home such as cats, difficult locations (behind books on a bookshelf) and under carpet. This maintains that they are at their highest quality and effective at finding termites in other homes.

Buster & Bella were trained by Martin Domonick at Brisbane's K9 Centre. Martin is the leader in this industry with an extensive background in the Royal Australian Air Force Dog Unit. Martin also trains narcotic and explosive detection dogs to name just a few.

Buster is an 8-year-old beagle and came to Bug R Off! Because he was Bella's best friend and kennel mate. The K9 Centre didn't want to separate the two beagles so they came as a package to us.

Well trained and well travelled, Buster & Bella spend a lot of time traveling with Steve.

Our Other team Members:

Head Office:     
Peter Erbacher "Operation's Manager"

Greg Hancock "Assistant Operation's Manager"

Paul Jones  "Pest Control Technician"

Albury / Wodonga Franchisee:   
Andrew Poulton   " Pest Control Technician"