Pest Inspections

Pest Inspections

How long has it been?

In the Wimmera and Mallee Regions of: Horsham, Stawell, Ararat, Edenhope, Nhill, Kaniva. The Ovens, Murray, Hume Regions: of Wondonga / Albury, Benalla, Wangaratta, Myrtleford we have found that 1 in 3 houses have termite problems.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

The Wimmera is considered a 'high risk' zone because of our warm summers and wet winters.

Do me a favour, go into your garden and turn over a sleeper. Notice how damp it is under there? This is what termites love ... warm damp places. Now, have a look around the rest of your property and take note of how many other places that termites could be hiding. In that big gum tree? Under that decorative wine barrel? What about that tree stump that was left behind when you cut the tree down? Did you find any termites? 

Now, think about this, termites can travel up to 100 meters away from their nest. This means the nest doesn't have to be on your property and your house can still be attacked. Now you've got yourself a real problem!

So now imagine this; a pest controller will come and have a look around your house, they'll discover the same thing that you did; no evidence. They will use their gadgets on the walls and tap away at your skirting boards.... still nothing.

Then we ENTER The termite detection sniffer dogs. These super noses can smell through your carpet and smell through the walls, they can even sniff out one live termite that could be under your skirting board. That's why you need to call Bug R Off! Pest Busters for your termite inspections every year! These sniffer dogs are 27% more accurate than the best human pest controller.

Don't forget.... dogs can't lie!
So what if you didn't get Bug R Off! Pest Busters to complete the inspection? What if they missed that one termite? How big would a termite infestation be after 12 months? Unfortunately, no matter how often you look for termites, you will not find them because they are the ultimate sneaks!

Buy your next home with confidence!
Believe it or not, many home buyers purchase without the security of a pre-purchase timber inspection.

With this inspection, we will give you a fully written report (to the Australian Standards), not only on live and ceased termite activity, also this inspection covers borer damage and fungal/wood rot damage within the property. Why would you chose any other pest control company, that have humans running at 70% success rate at finding termites, when we can use our termite detection dog that runs at 98%.
So if the house you are about to purchase has a termite problem on the property, we will find it!
Termite Inspections
If you have them, we will find them!
Termite inspections to the Australian Standards are performed for the current home owner. Our fully trained technicians and termite detection dog will cover full property including garden beds to find any termite activity or nest. So rest assured, with the termite detection dog running at 98% effectiveness at finding termite activity. Once our report is issued, we will then talk to you about preventative or eradication termite treatment if required.
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