Pest Control Treatment
 for Termites, Spiders, Ants, Flys, Mice & Cockroaches

Spider, Fly & Mozzie Treatment

The Bugroff technicians take GREAT pleasure in killing your creepy crawlies!

Bug R Off!'s spider, fly and mozzie treatment cover every kind of creepy crawly, from spiders, flies, mozzies, moths, weevils, ants, centipedes... the list goes on!

The exterior and interior of your home or business are treated with a specialized, environmentally friendly spray. This spray will knock out the biggest spiders like huntsmen's, to the smallest bug like black ants.

We use a dust to put into your ceilings and under your house (if there's access). This kills the white tail spiders that live inside your roof and the red backs that live under your house.

For this insect control treatment to be truly effective, and for our 6-month guarantee to be upheld, you need to have exterior, interior, ceiling and floors (if applicable) treated.

The spray and dust work by affecting the insect by absorption through their pores or by ingestion when they clean themselves.

Unlike other pest, insect and spider control companies, there is no add-on for additional services. This treatment kills anything that crawls or flies!

Please read "What do we do before and after a treatment" to gain a better knowledge of how to make this treatment more effective for you.


Termite Pest Control 

Are you beginning to notice holes appearing in the timber in your home? Or is the timber surface beginning to resemble a piece of honeycomb? Termites can not only ruin the outer appearance of your home, they can dig deep into the foundations and ruin the very structure that is keeping it upright. Our termite treatment has been successful at saving many homes.



Mice Eradication

Mouse or mice? No problem!

Whether it's a commercial premises or your kitchen at home, Bug R Off! Have a solution to your mouse problem! As pet lovers ourselves, the bait we use is not lethal if pets consume bait affected mice. One feed to a mouse is LETHAL, therefore fast eradication is assured.

See our F.A.Q's page to get more answers


Cockroach Pest Control

We use cockroach gel around drains, crevices and cracks of common cockroach haunts.

We also use our "Spider, Fly & Mozzie Treatment" spray to base spray the common areas of cockroach traffic.

So the combination of both of these treatments is sure to eradicate your problem!