Spider Control & Insect Control

Are you sick of being greeted by creepy crawlies whenever you open a cupboard? Worried that a poisonous spider may harm your young children?

Bug R Off! take great pleasure in providing spider, fly, mosquito, ant, moth, centipede and weevil treatment for your home or business!

Bug R Off!'s spider, fly and mozzie treatment cover every kind of creepy crawly, from spiders, flies, mozzies, moths, weevils, ants, centipedes... the list goes on!

The exterior and interior of your home or business are treated with a specialized, environmentally friendly spray. This spray will knock out the biggest spiders like huntsmen's, to the smallest bug like black ants.

We use a dust to put into your ceilings and under your house (if there's access). This kills the white tail spiders that live inside your roof and the red backs that live under your house.

Spider control Horsham Albury Wodonga

For this insect control treatment to be truly effective, and for our 6-month guarantee to be upheld, you need to have exterior, interior, ceiling and floors (if applicable) treated.

The spray and dust work by affecting the insect by absorption through their pores or by ingestion when they clean themselves.

Unlike other pest, insect and spider control companies, there is no add-on for additional services. This treatment kills anything that crawls or flies!



Please read "What do we do before and after a treatment" to gain a better knowledge of how to make this treatment more effective for you.


To find out more about how we can remove your termites and other unwanted pests, please contact us or make a booking today!



Insect control Horsham Albury Wodonga

Huntsman Spiders

Not a hairy 'tarantula'!
In our neck of the woods here in country Victoria, the most common spiders we'll find are the huntsmen spider, although they are extremely creepy, they aren't dangerous.

  • There are 94 known varieties of hunstman spiders in Australia
  • The females are bigger than the males
  • Their venom is not known to be harmful to humans
  • The huntsmans front two legs are longer than their back legs
  • They will hide behind the curtains to scare the living daylights out of you!
  • They have flattened bodies so they can crawl into crevices, under rocks and under bark
  • Leg joints twist to allow them to access difficult areas
  • The female will lay up to 200 eggs at a time, she wont eat for 3 weeks and is extremely protective of her egg sack
  • Huntsman spiders 'moult' their skin, you may find these around the house and mistake them for the actual spider


If you want to live without huntsman spiders, you'll love our spider, fly and mozzie treatment!
If you ever suspect a spider bite, contact your nearest hospital or go straight to a doctor.



Flies and Mozzies

Believe it or not, there are 7786 species of flies and mosquitoes in Australia!

Adults usually have short life span lasting only weeks. They feed on nectar, sap and free liquids in rotting organic matter and some solid foods. Some forms, with piercing sucking mouth parts feed on animal blood. Between mating and adults emerging, this can often only take a few weeks from maggot stage to adult flies.




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