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Bug R Off! Pest Busters


Sherlock - our newest addition


Sherlock joined the BugROff team in January 2017. Sherlock exceeds the training of any other termite detection dog and actively works off the lead inside and outside, whats more he works for the reward of playing fetch! Sherlock's incredible detection skills has allowed Bella and Buster to enter a well earned retirement.





Termite Detection Sniffer Dog - Bella



 Bella is now a  family companion. Bella enjoys  the indoor life and  also going on adventures in the car.




Termite Detection Sniffer Dog - Buster




Buster is also a family pet. Buster enjoys holidays with his new family at their holiday house by the beach.






For more information about how our termite detection sniffer dogs can assist with your termite problem, visit our Pest Inspections page.